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Creating a "College-Bound Culture" for all Monrovia students is where curriculum and instructional practices begin.  
The District is committed to providing "World-Class Schools for World-Class Students."  This is the heart of Educational create students who are prepared and equipped to pursue the next phase in their educational development.
The District's positioning statement states that we are "World-Class Schools for World-Class Students"  cultivating an environment where student achievement results in "world-class students" is the motivating force of Educational Services.  Our desire is to see the students put in our charge succeed, not only in academics, but in life.
From the earliest ages through high school, students are encouraged to think beyond the 12th grade.  Life after high school can become an adventure in establishing the pathway to life-long learning. 
The goal of the Educational Services Department is to provide the Monrovia Unified School District with the highest quality instructional materials, staff development, and other educational resources available.  The department facilitates the use of these resources to enable student learning and student achievement on state and local accountability measures.  The staff of the Educational Services Department is dedicated to providing support for all school staff members so they can best create an environment where all students receive powerful teaching and learning every day.
Contact Information
Greg Francois, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent
(626) 471-2030
Sue Kaiser, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Educational Services
(626) 471-2030
Janet Thiel
Administrative Secretary
(626) 471-2031
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