Monrovia Unified School District

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Office of the Superintendent

Last year, approximately 35 Monrovia Unified School District staff members, parents, and community volunteers spent their evenings reviewing student achievement data, and brainstorming opportunities to develop a plan through which to increase and improve services to our underperforming students.  This effort was launched following provisions included in California’s new school funding formula requiring districts to develop, and annually update, a three-year Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to identify goals and measure progress for student subgroups, across multiple performance indicators. 

This team identified and prioritized three fundamental areas of need:

  1. Student Achievement:  While many of our students excel, we are still not fully meeting the needs of our socio-economically disadvantaged students, our foster kids, our English Learners, and our special needs students – particularly as compared to student achievement levels in similar districts.
  2. Third Grade Literacy – The transition from learning to read to reading to learn in third grade is foundational to student success.  We will not be satisfied until 100% of our third graders meet or exceed proficiency levels in reading and writing. 
  3. Student and School Connectedness – Students who are more connected to school, who feel that there is a trusted adult on campus to whom they can turn for support, are more likely to succeed.  Our objective is to strengthen the ties between school and home by finding additional ways through which parents may get involved in the educational process.

This year, every school has aligned their resources with these LCAP goals to promote greater student success.  They will monitor gains throughout the year in order to adjust accordingly.  I look forward to reporting on our progress throughout the year.



Dr. Katherine Thorossian