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Academic Assistance and Enrichment Activities

Academic Assistance and Enrichment Activities 

The Village Extended School Program offers a variety of activities, intentionally designed to provide students with opportunities for growth in two areas; Educational Literacy and Educational Enrichment. Literacy activities are those activities that help students meet state standards in one or more of the core academic subjects. The Village Program provides a broad range of Literacy activities based on student needs and interests. Enrichment activities are experiences that reinforce and complement the school’s academic program. Enrichment may include but is not limited to; positive youth development strategies, recreation, visual and performing arts, community service-learning, older youth development, and physical activity. Examples of Enrichment Programming;

Stem/Hands On Science Lessons

The Village program provides age/grade appropriate STEM/Hands On Science lessons for students at every grade level. Village Students participate in the "Design It Build It" Curriculum which has been used to have students work collaboratively to design and build rubber band powered cars, catapults and marble roller coasters. 
Social Emotional Learning and Character Education 
All Village sites have weekly character education lessons and thematic activities centered on the 6 pillars of character. The 6 pillars of character are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. Students at each site are recognized based on the pillar of character being taught.


KidzLit is designed specifically for students in an After School Programs. the goal is to help students to develop a love of reading while building comprehension skills and vocabulary. In addition to helping students get excited about reading, KidzLit also strives to help students develop their capacities to think critically, express their ideas about important issues, and increase their understanding of self, peers, and others.

KidzMath is also designed specifically for After School Programs. The basic goals of the program are to build students" confidence and skills in math and develop their ability to work in a team. Lessons consist of cooperative games that are intended to be different from the traditional math curriculum but target and build upon traditional math skills. Through games, students also have an opportunity to have fun, feel successful, and build confidence as they work together toward a common goal.
Homework Assistance & The Village Tutoring Program
Homework Assistance is facilitated by our Activity Leaders who work with students to complete their homework. The Activity Leaders work with groups of no more than 20 students during Homework time and the Activity Leaders are trained to help facilitate student learning and academic achievement. The Village Program will look to provide small group tutoring once again for the 2021-2022 school year. Tutoring is done in small groups of 5-7 students and is free of charge to Village Students. Students are screened and selected for tutoring with the help of the instructional day staff in collaboration with Village staff.
Nutrition enrichment is offered to provide age appropriate lessons that engage students in nutrition education, investigation, and experimentation. Activity Leaders are provided with user-friendly lesson plans and regular training which enable them to engage more effectively for nutrition education. The activities are meant to encourage discussion and help students connect their lives through real-world inquiries and challenge them to reach higher levels of thinking.
SPARK Physical Education
Physical activity may not sound like an academic activity but at the Village we consider it a vital part of educating the whole child. Village employs the SPARK (Sports, Play & Active Recreation For Kids!) P.E. The focus of SPARK is the development of motor skills, movement, knowledge, and social and personal skills. It is our hope that physically educated children and adolescents become lifelong movers and model the behaviors necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle.This curriculum offers the Village Extended School Program the perfect opportunity to introduce children to healthy behaviors so important to their health and well being.