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Volunteer Applications 2023-2024

We appreciate your interest in volunteering at Monrovia Schools! The Monrovia Unified School District greatly values the contributions of parents and community volunteers as they enhance the essential work of our schools.
Screening Process
Ensuring the safety and positivity of our learning environment is a top priority. Therefore, we have established a screening process for all potential volunteers. This process ensures that individuals who wish to work with our students do not have a record of sexual misconduct.
Initiating Volunteer Activity
To get started, interested individuals must complete the Request to Volunteer form. This form is required before engaging in any volunteer activities. The process will need to be repeated annually for all volunteers. Once the potential volunteer's record has been checked against Megan's Law list and cleared, the principal will be notified, and volunteering may commence.
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Level I vs. Level II
  • Level I Volunteers: Always work under direct supervision and in the presence of a teacher or district employee. Level I examples include classroom volunteers serving under the supervision of teachers, library volunteers, field trip chaperones, etc.
  • Level II volunteers: May have the opportunity for regular, significant, unsupervised contact with the students in the course of volunteering after being fingerprinted and screened. Examples of Level II include volunteer walk-on coaches, volunteer band instructors, those who transport/chaperone students, those who accompany district personnel on overnight trips, etc. DOJ & FBI Background Verification Check conducted at their own expense. 
NOTE: If you plan to apply for Volunteer II, you are not required to fill out the application for Volunteer I, as your application for Volunteer II would also qualify you for Volunteer I.