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Measure MM

On behalf of the Board of Education, Monrovia Unified School District would like to thank the Monrovia community, parents, families, and MUSD staff for supporting Measure MM and investing in our schools!
On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, voters approved plans from the Monrovia Unified School District to create the next generation of world-class schools for our city. Measure MM, put forward by the Board of Education, received more than 60 percent of the vote. 
The $75 million bond will bring needed improvements to each of the district’s schools. The funds from Measure MM will be used to improve the following:
  • Aging buildings and district infrastructure
  • School security systems and student safety
  • District technology for 21st-century learning
  • Modern equipment for career-technical education
  • Sustainable campuses and more
Taxpayer protections for Measure MM include a citizens’ oversight committee for overall transparency and annual bond revenues and expenditures audits. School and administrative salaries cannot be paid from Measure MM bond funds. Instead, bond proceeds may only be used for designated projects and technology investments outlined in the approved bond resolution.