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Williams Notice and Procedures

Williams Notice and Procedures

What is the Williams Case?

The Williams case is the result of a court decision requiring schools to provide all students with equal access to instructional materials, such as textbooks, safe schools, and quality teachers. The Williams case was filed as a class action suit in 2000 in San Francisco County Superior Court and was settled in 2004. 

An outcome of the case requires schools to ensure students have access to needed instructional materials, (such as text books for all subjects including Health and materials for our English Learners), the school is in good repair and it has qualified teachers at the start of every year.

Below are the public notices about the Williams case including the name of our district representative to contact should you have concerns about sufficient instructional materials, the repair of our schools and/or our qualified teachers. 

Williams Case Notices

Williams Contact Information
Dr. Greg Francois
Deputy Superintendent
(626) 471-2030