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Letter from the Superintendent to the Monrovia Unified Community

This is what makes this death so much more difficult to accept. It is not natural for us to comprehend unnatural death – especially one in our own back yard. Part of our responsibility as adults is to reassure our children that their world is a safe place. 

Since learning about the tragedy, we’ve deployed our emergency response team, including trained counselors and psychologists, to Monrovia High School, where they will remain as long as they are needed to support students and staff coming to terms with their shock and grief.

In addition, we have worked with law enforcement to provide any information that might prove helpful in their investigation. 

If you have concerns or specific questions about your child, please contact your school administrator or counselor. Monrovia is a community that fosters deep relationships, so an incident like this is expected to have impact.

We have begun developing additional strategies through which we will continue to monitor the well-being of individual students and establish ways students can communicate their concerns with trusted adults. 

Times of crisis are heart wrenching. Let us support one another in this time of sudden, incomprehensible grief, especially for the family of the deceased.

Posted on our website are some helpful tips for talking to children about violence and grief.

Katherine Thorossian,
Monrovia Unified School District Superintendent