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Monrovia High Student Leaders Celebrated During People's Choice Awards

Guevara was recognized with the Be the Change Award and Torres with the I Can Count on You Award for their leadership during the 14th annual Renaissance People’s Choice Awards on April 17, in which Monrovia High teachers honored 60 students who made their profession rewarding.
“Natalia went out with a purpose and walked with a purpose,” Garrison said. “This is a compassionate young lady who is committed and focused. I am proud to have her in my class.”
Monrovia High teachers and staff nominated one or more students to honor for the event and personalized the title of the award to fit the student. Among the recognitions were the Please Run for President Award, The Awesome and Model Young Gent Award and the Queen of Perseverance Award.
The awards show was hosted by Renaissance, a student leadership group that recognizes and celebrates student and faculty achievements throughout the year.
“Thank you to our Monrovia High teachers and administrators for providing opportunities for our students to excel in their academics and also in their personal pursuits,” Monrovia Unified Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “Our District strives to provide a school environment that encourages our students to see their personal traits and identities as strengths to support their peers.”