Monrovia Unified School District

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A Message Regarding School Safety in Monrovia Unified

Every school has a comprehensive Safe School Plan that outlines responses to multiple scenarios, including lockdown procedures, evacuations, and active shooter trainings. Every Monrovia school runs monthly safety drills and collaborates with industry professionals, including first responders, to review the Safe School Plan.
Key personnel within Monrovia Unified receive specialized emergency management training, which includes earthquake preparedness, threat assessments, substance abuse issues, and anti-bullying initiatives. School Resource Officer James Ruano plays a leading role in coordinating the resources of Monrovia Police Department with the Monrovia Unified School District to keep school safety at the forefront.
The partnership between the Monrovia Unified School District and the Monrovia Police Department reflects our shared responsibility in ensuring safety in Monrovia. In addition, we have contracted with an agency to monitor public social media sites to discern potential threats. We’d like to remind students that they need to be mindful of the words they use and what they post on social media. We take every troubling statement or image very seriously. Given the national climate, we all need to work together to appropriately address any concern. We encourage parents and guardians to support their children by communicating this message.
We urge students and parents to contact their schools to report anything suspicious related to our campuses. At the same time, residents should contact Monrovia Police if ever they notice unusual behavior. In every instance, Monrovia Police will conduct a thorough investigation and communicate with Monrovia Unified to ensure speedy action to resolve any potential risks. 
If you believe your child feels unsafe for any reason, please contact your school directly so that we may support them. Thank you for partnering with us to promote the continued safety and security of our schools.
Dr. Katherine Thorossian