Monrovia Unified School District

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A Message to Our Monrovia Unified Community

As educators, our primary focus is to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. A significant element of that responsibility is our unwavering commitment to their safety and security.
School safety is a shared responsibility and can be strengthened with greater communication and collaboration. If you notice any unusual behaviors or actions from others, or have any concerns about the safety of a student, teacher or staff member, please contact your school administrators and we will follow the proper protocol to handle the situation.
Our District has a safety plan for every facility we operate. We run regular safety drills and collaborate closely with our city law enforcement officials, sharing information so any concerns are addressed immediately.
We also want to reassure our students who may be feeling anxious in the aftermath of the Florida tragedy. Counselors are available at all our schools to help students cope with their emotions. Please contact your school if you have any questions or concerns for yourself or another.
Thank you for your commitment to the Monrovia Unified community. 
Dr. Katherine Thorossian