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Engage in Valuable Conversations About Our Schools

With this in mind, we will launch an online discussion platform over the next few days called Throughtexchange to allow us to engage in rich conversations about Monrovia Unified and share thoughts on our schools. This platform will give you the flexibility to contribute your ideas when it’s most convenient for you.

We will be asking students, parents, staff and community members straightforward, open-ended questions to capture a broad range of perspectives.

There are three steps to contributing and learning from the conversation:
  • Share your thoughts and opinions
  • Review and star the thoughts of other participants
  • Discover what the Monrovia Unified community values

All information and thoughts shared through Thoughtexchange will be completely confidential. You will be able to view comments, but not the names or email addresses associated with the comments.
You will be able to participate in Thoughtexchange when you receive an email invitation, from Monrovia Unified, or by self-registering at our Thoughtexchage link, which we will post on our district website:

To learn more about the platform, visit or email
We will demonstrate the process and answer additional questions on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 6 p.m. in the Board Room of the District Office, 325 E. Huntington Drive, Monrovia.
I look forward to hearing from our community!
Dr. Katherine Thorossian