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Monrovia Unified Elementary Students Receive Free Dictionaries from Local Elks Club

“It’s really cool that they gave us these dictionaries because it will help me learn new words to use every day,” Delgado said. “Now I get to look up a bunch of words that I didn’t even know existed before.”
Delgado was one of more than 500 Monrovia Unified elementary school students to receive a free dictionary from members of the Duarte Elks Club No. 1427. The organization gives away 3,500 dictionaries to local school districts each year to encourage students to become life-long learners, while also encouraging students to consider college and remain drug free.
The Duarte Elks has been donating dictionaries to Monrovia Unified since 2011. Each dictionary contains resources for learning American Sign Language, the geography of the United States, different parts of speech and a section for the longest word in the English language, which is a 1,909-letter term for a type of enzyme.
“Our partnership with the Duarte Elks Club is an annual treat for our students because it piques their interest in learning new words and provides them the opportunity to find new ways to express themselves,” Monrovia Unified Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “Thank you to the Duarte Elks Club for providing a valuable resource to our students.”