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Monrovia Unified Reopens Middle School as Computer Science Magnet with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Monrovia Unified expanded opportunities for students to learn computer science skills and concepts in partnership with Code to the Future, a leading creator of immersive computer science curricula.
“Students who have established a foundation in computer science at two of Monrovia Unified’s elementary schools will now be able to continue their learning at Santa Fe,” Code to the Future Director of Programs Jake Steedman said. “Monrovia Unified is taking the lead in capitalizing on the potential of computer science as a fun, engaging and important teaching platform.”
Santa Fe students will program, use algorithms and apply computational thinking to code projects that strengthen their computer science skills and demonstrate learning in core subject matter. This year, Code to the Future will collaborate with science teachers to implement these skills into its lessons, providing a variety of opportunities for students to showcase their learning.
For example, students in science classes can create websites that users click through to learn about the natural rain cycle. Students can also create gaming programs in an educational format as their skills advance.
“Our partnership with Code to the Future will give our students a deeper understanding of computer science and provide more opportunities to apply their computational thinking throughout other subjects,” Santa Fe Principal Geoffrey Zamarripa said. “I am excited to see what our students will create and how they will use their new skills in other subjects throughout the year.”
Students use an online coding platform, Scratch, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They learn the conceptual framework of coding through block-based learning, which creates sections of coding that students can format to create different sequences. Students then move on to text syntax, where they can create the coding language as they develop a stronger foundation.
Students will take an elective computer science class which will provide an opportunity for students to expand their computer science skills into other subject areas. Science courses will implement a computer science lesson twice a week. The computer science courses will also complement the robotics program.
“Our District is dedicated to immersing our students in a rigorous academic environment and providing them with the latest tools and information,” Monrovia Unified Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “The opportunities available in Monrovia Unified are the result of collaborative efforts at all levels: from the leadership of our Board of Education, to the focused efforts of our administrative team, to the innovative instructional practices of our teachers, to the palpable support of the Monrovia community. The success of our students results directly from these multi-faceted partnerships.”