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Helping Kids During Crisis

Dear Parents,

Our community was rocked to its core over the weekend with the senseless shooting of two of our students. While this act was not school related, its impact will be felt throughout our hallways and in our classrooms. Teachers and students are mourning the loss of a bright young man who brought so much joy to those around him. To provide support for our students and staff, counselors will be available this week. We send our deepest sympathies to the families and friends grieving over this tragic loss.

Children may want to talk about what they have read or heard. I encourage you to engage in those conversations and have posted links below to assist in the dialogue. Helping them process their feelings within the safety of their homes will be reassuring. However, if you believe your child would benefit from spending time with our trained counselors, please contact the school directly. Additional counseling support has been secured and available to all of our students, elementary through high school. We want to make sure your children feel the warm net of support this community provides.

I also have a message from the mother of our injured student. She requests everyone pray for her son, his friends and their families. She also requests that his identity remain confidential for safety purposes. Finally, she would like to thank all of those who have sent their well wishes. She is happy to report that he is in stable condition and should make a full recovery. We all pray that he does so that he may achieve his dreams.

Katherine Fundukian Thorossian, Ed.D.
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