Bradoaks Fire Update: Classes to Resume on Thursday (2/1)

Dear MUSD families,
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during today's fire incident. We're relieved that everyone evacuated safely, and we commend the swift response from the Monrovia Fire Department.
Ensuring the safety of our students and staff is our utmost priority. Our MUSD Crisis Team will be on-site to provide social-emotional support for anyone who needs it.
Classes at Bradoaks will resume tomorrow at the usual time. For students in rooms 10-17, please check in at the office for information on your new classroom assignment.
All backpacks left at school are safely stored in the cafeteria and will be returned in an organized manner tomorrow morning.
Again, we want to thank all district and city staff for their immediate response, which enabled us to evacuate our campus safely.
Flint Fertig
Interim Superintendent