Board of Education Statement 10.14.22

October 14, 2022
Dear MUSD Community:
Yesterday was a nerve-wracking day for many people in our community. When we experience difficult times the character of people is amplified. Some good, and some not so good. 
The Board of Education prefers to spend its energy on the positive and look at what went right and learn how to expand on that for whatever the future may hold and correct any errors.  
A parent's worst nightmare is their child may be in danger and we are not able to get to them. It's a horrible feeling, and one we all know in one form or another. 
The fact that a nameless person caused people in our town to needlessly be frightened is beyond our comprehension.  We can only hope the people we trust to enforce our laws will be able to put a stop to this before another community has this happen to them. 
We are proud of the way our teachers, staff, and administrators handled this situation, at both the elementary and high school sites. The displays of courage, kindness, and compassion during a very tense time reaffirms our belief in how much each person working day to day with the students in our classrooms cares for the health and safety of people in their care. 
We are especially proud of how our students acted during this time. No one knows what they'll do when an emergency happens, yet the young people did a wonderful job while first responders were making sure the campuses were safe. 
We are proud of the way the city of Monrovia and Monrovia Police Department took great care to make sure the people in our schools were safe. 
We pray we will never have a real situation like the one we experienced yesterday. 
The schools have people on staff who are there to help any student who may want to discuss how they are feeling, and the district will make sure people are available to meet whatever level of demand is required. 
Our commitment to our community is to always keep the health and safety of our students, administrators, teachers, and staff as the number one priority. 
Monrovia Unified School District Board of Education