MUSD Board of Education Elects New President, Officers

MONROVIA – During the Annual Organizational Meeting, the Monrovia Unified Board of Education elected a new president and officers for the 21-22 year. The changes are as followed:
  • Selene Lockerbie, Board President
  • Traci Gholar, Board Vice-President
  • Jennifer Anderson, Board Clerk
  • Rob Hammond, Board Member
  • Maritza Travanti, Board Member
Selene Lockerbie is now the new Board of Education President. President Lockerbie has been part of the MUSD Board since 2018 and has children at Clifton middle school.
“I’d like to thank Ms. Travanti for leading the Board for the past year,” said Board President Selene Lockerbie. “This year was not only full of the expected challenges of school board governance, but also the daunting challenge of navigating through a global pandemic. Ms. Travanti led with intelligence, grace, decorum, and strength.
As I take on the role of School Board President, I look forward to a year of progress for our District working with this proficient governance team, Superintendent, and the Monrovia community,” President Lockerbie said.
December 13th was Maritza Travanti's last day as the Monrovia Unified Board of Education President. Under her leadership, the district navigated through COVID-19 and brought our students back into the classroom safely. She will remain on the Board as a board member.
“I’d like to thank the Community of Monrovia for trusting me to be in the position to lead this past year,” said Board Member Travanti. “It’s been an incredible experience and honor  to serve our students, parents, and community. I look forward to working with our new School Board President, Selene Lockerbie.”
Other changes include Traci Gholar being elected Board Vice-President and Jennifer Anderson being elected Board Clerk. 

Photo Caption
MUSD Board of Education 1 - (Left to Right) Superintendent Dr. Ryan Smith, Board Clerk Jennifer Anderson, Board President Selene Lockerbie, Board Member Maritza Travanti, Board Member Rob Hammond and Board Vice President Traci Gholar pose for a picture after a board meeting, December 13, 2021.