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A Message from Monrovia Unified Regarding Updated Travel Advisory - April 5, 2021


Non-essential travel out-of-state or out-of-country is still not recommended. However, for those that must travel, the following applies: 

  • Fully vaccinated persons can travel safely within the United States but should continue to take precautions. If asymptomatic, no quarantine or testing is needed upon return.
A person is considered fully vaccinated after 2 weeks following the receipt of:
  • the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna)
  • one dose of a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson/Janssen)

Persons who don’t meet these requirements must follow the travel instructions for Persons Who Are Not Fully Vaccinated. 

  • All travelers who are not fully vaccinated should get tested with a COVID-19 viral test 1-3 days before travel. Travel should not be initiated until a negative test result is returned.
  • All travelers who test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19 must isolate and follow County isolation instructions. Do not travel when symptomatic or with a positive COVID-19 test result, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All non-essential travelers (adults and children) who are not fully vaccinated arriving in or returning to California from other states or countries must quarantine as described below:
  • Quarantine for 7 full days after travel if they get tested and get a negative COVID-19 viral test result from a specimen collected 3-5 days after their arrival. Note: Persons who have recovered from laboratory-confirmed COVID in the past 3 months and are asymptomatic do not need a viral test. They can end quarantine after 7 full days. Recovery from COVID-19 is defined as having completed isolation.
  • Quarantine for 10 full days after travel if they did not get tested with a COVID-19 viral test after their arrival.
  • For 14 days after their arrival, continue to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, and avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness. They must isolate and should get tested if symptoms develop. 
International Travel for Fully Vaccinated Persons (Outside of the U.S.)
While international travel poses an additional risk, fully vaccinated persons may travel internationally provided they take precautions while traveling and they have a negative viral test within 3 days prior to flying into the United States, or proof of recovery from COVID-19 within months prior to travel into the United States. You do not need to quarantine once returning to the U.S. with a negative test unless you become symptomatic.