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A Message from Monrovia Unified Regarding Elementary and Secondary Instructional Frameworks for 2021-21 School Year

These frameworks were crafted collaboratively with Monrovia Teachers Association, California School Employees Association, our Parent Teachers Association, and Monrovia Unified Administrators.

In total, we had almost 50 individuals who dedicated countless hours in the last couple of weeks to discuss and advocate for schedules that will provide structure and support for our students.

Below you will find sample elementary and secondary schedules. More information will continue to roll out as we near the start of the new school year.

Elementary Schedule

Our elementary students will be on a short-day schedule one day a week. The rest of the week will follow a full-day schedule.

Elementary Schedule

Elementary Sample Schedule:

80 min Learning Block Session 1: Opening and ELA Reading Instruction

  • 20 Min: Teacher-directed Whole Group Greeting and Community Building, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Morning Meeting, Singing, Read Aloud Calendar, etc.
  • 15 min: Teacher-directed Whole Group ELA Instruction
  • 45 min: Teacher-directed Reading instruction
  • 15 min: small group* guided reading.
Students not in small group live session will work on independent class work. Independent work may include competing work from main lesson, working on projects, and assigned reading.

75 min Learning Block Session 2: Math Instruction

  • 10 min: Teacher-directed whole group welcome back, community building, video lesson, Beyond the Basic Facts, Number Talks
  • 20 min: Teacher-directed Whole group math lesson, Check for Understanding
  • 45 min: small group math instruction* and independent work time (Utilize rooms)
75 min Learning Block Session 3: ELA Writing Instruction/Other & Closing
  • 20 min Teacher-directed Whole group writing instruction
  • 45 min Small group instruction*, ELD, and independent work
  • 10 min Closing for the day – SEL
60/90 min Learning Block Session 4: Time for Independent Study
  • Reflex Math, iReady, music, art, PE, intervention, and homework

Note: Science and History/Social Science will be integrated into ELA and math instruction.

*Small group instruction will extend learning for students who have mastered the
standard, or provide assistance for students who need additional differentiated instruction

Secondary Schedule

The schedule for our secondary students will alternate days for even and odd class periods.

Secondary Schedule

Please note that small group instruction will extend learning for students who have mastered the standards or provide assistance for students who need additional differentiated instruction.

Morning learning blocks for students will include Early College and Zero Period, and subject specific live instruction. Afternoon learning blocks will include any combination of the following: independent study and homework or project completion, intervention, enrichment, social emotional learning support, Special Education programs, and English learner development.

These schedules will continue to be refined by the committees involved and by our school teams to best meet the needs of our students.  We will provide information regarding distance learning as it comes via ParentSquare and social media.

I want to thank you all for your continued patience and support during these trying times. Monrovia Unified is committed to the success of our scholars and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that success.

I look forward to a successful start to our new distance learning schedule beginning Aug. 19. Please continue to stay safe and find creative ways to enjoy the remainder of our summer break.


Dr. Katherine Thorossian