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A Message from the Superintendent: Reflections of 2019-2020

The last day of school is always filled with excitement. This year was no different. Our promotions and graduations were celebrations of achievement. They also gave us an opportunity to wish our students well as they matriculate to the next phase of life’s journey. Whether on video or in a parade, the sentiments were personal and heartfelt.  We will miss your children and thank you for entrusting them to us.

This year was different, however. It was not just because we were all wearing masks and using hand-sanitizer. We all adjusted to the changes necessitated by the pandemic in order to maintain health and safety.  It required some creative thinking; but we accepted the conditions knowing that these times are temporary and that we will return to a time when less than 6 feet does not require personal protective equipment.

No, this year is different because the world seems poised for lasting change. The killing of George Floyd has served as a catalyst for thousands across the country - and around the world - to protest, lead rallies, and decry that racism in every form will not be tolerated. They have sparked honest dialogue and highlighted the need for systemic review, reflection, and change. While this single act of brutality was not the first, I believe, I hope, it has created a societal tipping point.

The world into which we are entrusting our graduates is changing. Our goal is to prepare our students to not only navigate change, but to lead.  This can only be done if we, as an organization and as a community, stand up for one another around both the conference table and the picnic table.   Professionally and personally, we can make a difference - through education, with compassion, for our children, and for each other.

Thank you again for your continued engagement and support of our schools and our students. I hope the summer brings you opportunities to relax and recharge in order to continue our important work together. 


Dr. Katherine Thorossian