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Monrovia Unified Instructional Services Newsletter Issue 4

 As these events are planned and solidified, principals will be sharing the plans within the school communities.  The students have worked hard and their transitions are important markers in their lives.  These are times to build memories for them.  I know that within each of your families, you will be planning ways to celebrate the accomplishments of your children. 

Families are encouraged to tune in to Conversations with Ralph Walker at 3 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday. The show airs on YouTube and features Board President Rob Hammond and Mayor Tom Adams, who share the latest local updates on COVID-19. Please submit questions to or by calling (626) 357-4974.

We will continue to provide you updated information as we receive it and more can be found on our website. Pre-recorded messages are regularly updated at (626) 471-2084.


Have a great week!

Dr. Sue Kaiser,
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services