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Technology RFPs and Bids

Technology RFPs and Bids

All questions must be submitted in writing and e-mailed to Jason Buchanan at the contact in the RFP. All questions and answers will posted to this web page.
MUSD is seeking competitive proposals for an HVAC and Generator for the Data Center.
This RFP is following the provisions of CUPCCAA, CA PCC 22000 - 22045.
Fill out our  Request for Information Form if you have questions about the RFP and need clarification.
All responses to question will be posted on this website. Please check back frequently for updates. 
RFP M-13-007 Content Filtering Solution - Closed

This RFP is closed. 


All questions about this RFP will be answered on this page. Please check back regularly.


All questions must be submitted in writing and e-mailed to Jason Buchanan at the contact in the RFP.  All questions and answers will posted to this web page.
 The District will host a voluntary conference call Wednesday May 22, 2013 at 1:00-2:00 PM PDT.  All questions and answers from that call will be posted to this website. To join call 626-471-2003.  Contact MUSD Technology Services for the conference pin #.  
Schedule updates:
We will schedule product demonstrations with proposed solutions in June and July.
We anticipate board approval of selected vendor at our July 24, 2013 Board meeting.
We will implement the selected solution between July 25 and August 21, 2013
Clarification of Section 2.3.1 required features "Support for iOS device authentication and control" and Section 2.3.4 - We are not looking for a complete mobile device management (MDM) solution, we currently use Absolute manage.  We want to ensure that the proposed solution works with mobile devices.  MDM options will be considered as they apply to future planning.  MDM in the context of to the filtering solution will be considered a "nice to have" but is not a desired feature or core requirement.  
OS and browser details: about 1800 PCs with Windows XP, 300 Mac OS X, we are transitioning from XP to Win 7 through attrition as we purchase new PCs. Browsers: We support Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
We currently have a single device for firewall but plan to implement active/passive failover for our firewall this summer. The connection is fiber to our intranet and Internet is fiber. Our wireless is on its own VLAN connected to our internal network.  Our ASA reports a current average  speed of 45Mbps. We have the capacity for 1Gbps.
Has the district had an active content filter evaluation in the last year? No, the district has not reviewed or evaluated any content filter solution since 2010. 
What is your level of satisfaction with Ironport? We are currently satisfied with our Ironport device. 
What do you currently have for 1-to-1 device? The district does not currently have have 1-to-1 for students, for staff we currently use iPads.  Support for 1 to 1 environment – required features, additional feature ability to take a device off campus able to route back to our network and able to control jailbreaking a device. Force the device to filter using our rules.
SSL with web filter – Currently we only decrypt packets from unknown sources. 
Clarify backup - We are only looking at section 2.3.2 as it applies to this provided solution. How would the district backup the configuration data for your service? What type of service continuity is provided in the event of a device failure?
Please clarify expected feature functionality: 
We expect the solution would have listing of categories that we can choose to block, monitor or allow, (gambling or adult content, webmail etc…) we expect to see a sample site(s) for each category, 
We want to know the process for reporting misclassified sites?  How do we build custom block lists?  We expect the solution to filter embedded resources video or links to other sites while allowing the primary site.
We expect that the solution would have some application level filtering, i.e. allowing youtube for schools, allowing granular control of services such as Facebook, Allowing access to iCloud or iTunes, blocking bit torrent etc...
Additional optional services and features will be considered during the evaluation process. Services will be factored into scoring if we decide to add them to the proposal.  Desired optional services will be part of the proposal we take to board on July 24th.  Budget will be part of the determination about what, if any additional services will be considered.
Current anti-virus is Kaspersky.  We would consider a gateway antivirus as an additional feature.