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When to Stop for School Buses:

Knowing what to do is essential if you encounter a school bus with flashing lights.
  • When you see AMBER LIGHTS flashing on a school bus, it's a signal to slow down and be prepared to stop. These amber lights are located near the red lights at the front and rear of the bus. Like traffic signals, amber means slow down, while red means "stop."
  • When a school bus displays flashing RED LIGHTS, motorists must come to a complete stop. The flashing red lights indicate children getting on or off the bus. For their safety, the law requires drivers to remain stopped until the red lights stop flashing.
The purpose of these flashing red lights and the stop signs on school buses is to ensure the safe loading and unloading of school children. When these signals and lights are active, vehicles must immediately stop before passing the school bus. You should not pass the bus until the flashing red lights and stop signs are turned off unless you're on a road with a concrete island or a divided highway with two lanes traveling in each direction. Motorists following the bus should always stop. You don't need to stop on a split road where two lanes are going in the opposite direction.
If you're driving on a single-lane highway with one lane in each direction and you see flashing red lights and a stop sign, you must stop.
Additionally, parents must pick up students at a bus stop to park on the same side as the bus, not on the opposite side of the road. This helps prevent the bus driver from stopping traffic to help students cross the highway, which can be dangerous for drivers and students. Your child's safety is our top priority, so please follow these rules to help keep our students safe.
Thank you, and we wish you a fantastic school year!

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