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Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commissioners would like to thank all classified employees for their contributions and recognize these employees who often work without the praise or recognition they deserve. Classified employees are the people who keep our schools running, the people who keep our schools safe, the people who work every day to improve the lives of our students. We appreciate all that you do for Monrovia Unified School District!

The Personnel Commission for the Monrovia Unified School District was established to administer a merit system for the classified employees as provided in Education Code Sections 45240-45320. The Merit System is based on this principle: employment and promotion on the basis of merit for the purpose of obtaining the highest efficiency and assuring the selection and retention of the best qualified persons in the service of the Monrovia Unified School District.

The Personnel Commission is responsible for recruitment, examination and selection activities, classification of positions, salary recommendations, disciplinary and dismissal appeal hearings, and the development and administration of Merit Rules. It is an independent body composed of three persons appointed for three-year staggered terms. One commissioner is selected by the Governing Board of Education; one commissioner is selected by the classified collective bargaining employee unit; and one commissioner is selected by the other two commissioners. Each commissioner serves a three-year term, with one commissioner's term expiring each year.

The Personnel Commission is a member of the California School Personnel Commissioners Association (CSPCA) and the Personnel Commissioners Association of Southern California (PCASC).

Meet the Personnel Commissioners
John Carlson
John was born and raised in southern California. He attended Monrovia schools, as did his two children and his wife, Rosalee. John first served on the Personnel Commission from 1975-81 for two three-year terms. He was reappointed to the Commission in 1985 and has served continuously since then. Having retired from Caltech and JPL as a Human Resources Manager, John brings with him tremendous knowledge and experience in the area recruiting and employee relations. John's more than 30-year career in human resources also included Parsons Engineering in Pasadena and Vice President of Human Resources for Lloyds Bank of California.
Lupe Davis
Lupe was born and raised with her three brothers locally in Pasadena, California; after her family moved to Monrovia, she attended and graduated from Monrovia High School. Lupe and her husband, Ed, raised their two children in Monrovia where they attended Monrovia schools. Lupe was appointed to the Personnel Commission by the Board of Education, and she has served in this position since 2001. She recently retired from her position of Branch Manager of Arcadia Foothill Federal Credit Union. Lupe and her family are proud to be Monrovians, supporting the community and the Monrovia Unified School District.
Jeanne Tyler
Jeanne Tyler is the California School Employees Association (CSEA) appointee and has held that position since 2001. She is dedicated to upholding the rules and  regulations to support the classified staff of the district. Having four children of her own, who have been students of Monrovia schools, she understands how all employees of the school district are important to the growth of a child. Jeanne takes her appointment to the Commission seriously and does her best to ensure that classified staff are treated with fairness and professionalism.

John Carlson, Chair, Commissioner
Personnel Commission Appointee
(Term expires Dec. 1, 2018)
Lupe Davis, Vice-Chair, Commissioner
Board of Education Appointee
(Term expires Dec. 1, 2020)
Jeanne Tyler, Commissioner
CSEA Appointee
(Term expires Dec. 1, 2019)