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School Registration Information (TK through 12th Grade)

Welcome to the Monrovia Unified School District


Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year


Registration in District schools is processed at the individual school sites. To enroll your child(ren), please contact your individual school site. The school site contact number is listed below.


You will need the following documents to enroll your child:


  • Proof of age
  • Proof of residency
  • Identification
  • Health/immunization records
  • Address of prior school
  • Current physical examination (for entering Kindergarten only)


Possible documents to bring with you:


To verify age:


  • Acceptable Documentation - must provide one of those listed below:
  • Birth Certificate (Original or Certified copy)
  • County Recorder's written statement certifying date of birth (has county seal)
  • Passport Affidavit of Parent / Guardian
  • Official school transcript


To verify residency:


  • Acceptable Documentation:
  • Utility Receipts: Gas / Electric / Water
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Monthly Mortgage Statement
  • Rental Agreement




Two of the items below may be used in lieu of a document from proof of residency; however, none of the below items are acceptable with a post office box address:


  • Driver's License
  • Bank Statement
  • Auto Insurance Policy
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Employer I.D.


If you are living temporarily with someone who is a resident of Monrovia, have that person accompany you to the school office with the same types of proof of residency listed above. At that time, the person with whom you are living with must sign a document verifying that you are living at that address.  This information may be verified.


To verify health information:

  • Original immunization records signed by a doctor (the yellow card given to you from the doctor’s office.)
  • All students entering 7th grade will need the Tdap booster


Additional Notes:


If you are the guardian, not parent, bring guardianship papers to the Office of Student Support Services for processing.


If a divorce situation, when restraining orders are in effect, or divorce settlement information restricts one of the parents, bring copies of divorce documents to the school site.


For more information, please call the school office directly as shown below, or call Office of Student Support Services at the District Office at 471-2000.


Bradoaks Elementary, (626) 471-2100

Mayflower Elementary, (626) 471-2200

Monroe Elementary, (626) 471-2300

Plymouth Elementary, (626) 471-2400

Wild Rose Elementary, (626) 471-2500

Clifton Middle School, (626) 471-2600

Santa Fe Middle School, (626) 471-2700

Monrovia High School, (626) 471-2800

Canyon Oaks Alternative High School, (626) 471-3000

Mountain Park School, (626) 471-3014

Monrovia Community Adult School, (626) 471-3035