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Strategic Planning Committee

In partnership with Learner-Centered Collaborative (LCC), Monrovia Unified identified key stakeholders who will make up a Guiding Coalition. The Guiding Coalition will include district and site administrators, teachers, classified staff, students, families, and community leaders. Primary responsibilities include monitoring goals and outcomes, ensuring alignment to the North Star (including the district vision, mission and focus areas), identifying success indicators for this project, and managing communications. These activities will contribute to development of the Monrovia Strategic Plan. The three main goals/objectives of the process include the following:


Theory of Change-WORK IN PROGRESS


If the Guiding Coalition...

MUSD will be able to...

Define Essential Elements of the Monrovia Framework for the Future 

Understands student needs and wishes for school

  • Center the system on attending to the social, emotional, cognitive, and mental health needs of learners;
  • Tap into student security & identity, school is a place of belonging;
  • Spark ideas for diverse learning opportunities outside of those currently offered;
  • Assess facilities and environment - Do they support and foster feelings of belonging and inspiration?

Creates a customized Learner Profile and Learning Model

  • Define the desired whole-child outcomes for students;
  • Support schools and instructional teams to design meaningful learning experiences;
  • Align school programs with the world we live in thereby developing learners who will become engaged and productive citizens.

Align Existing (and Desired) Programs, Partnership, Resources, and Curricula to the Learning Model

Identifies essential resources to enable the Learning Model 

  • Benefits for onboarding and new people; 
  • Create smoother experience across levels;
  • Revision can lead to greater ownership and utility - a living resource!
  • Description aligns with lived experience of the learner!

Define Broader Measures of Student Success 

Reflects on progress through a district-wide scorecard

  • Focus decisions on the North Star;
  • Be more efficient;
  • Organize and prioritize the work ahead;
  • Gain more insights into the student experience;
  • Reflect regularly through a shared structure;
  • Build collective efficacy.
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